Men and Sperm Quality

Men – your daily activities do affect your quality of sperm. When a woman is born she has all the eggs she can have all her life but men can produce sperm their entire life. Therefore, what men do on their daily life affects the quality of their sperm.

Certain habits such as smoking excessively, drinking regularly, taking drugs, intake of poor nutrition, stress and less exercise are some of the factors which can be the reason of you have low quality of sperm. Latest discovery shows that a man sperm begins to decline after the age of 25.

Overall there are five factors which can either give you a good quality sperm or a low quality sperm. These are mentioned below:


By sperm motility we mean how strongly can the sperm inside the females vagina. A good quality sperm has around 50% active while 25% are moving on one course.


When the sperms move forward it is called forward progression. The research done by World Health Organization (1999) shows that 25% of the sperm is able to have a successful forward progression and fertilize the egg. However, those who have low quality of sperm they can have good quality by going through supplements and herbal treatments.

Sperm Count

The number of sperm that release in semen that is the fluid sperm is the sperm count. A normal ejaculation has over 40 million sperms in them. An ejaculation having lower than 40 million sperm has no chances of fertility


The number of sperm cells in a milliliter of semen is called concentration. Normal concentration contains 20 million sperms per milliliter of sperm

Morphology (shape and size)

A good quality sperm resembles a tadpole. It as a oval head which is a genetic material, the central portion contains energy and the tail causes the sperm to move forward. Sperms that have any other shape then of a sperm are considered abnormal and they do not have the ability for egg fertilization.


Sub fertility occurs when a couple despite of having unprotected sex cannot conceive. You should get yourself checked if you cannot conceive even after trying for six months or if the female is 35 years old.

The factors that play an important role in determining the quality of the sperm are morphology, motility and speed. Even if you have a low sperm count you can still have successful fertilization process if you have a good quality sperm.

Typical causes of male sub fertility

    • Sperm creation issues.
    • stumbling block in the sperm’s release system
    • damage in the testicles
    • Anatomical issues
    • Varicocele (veins surrounding the testicle)
    • Overall unhealthy
    • medications


For those having low quality of sperm there are many remedies existing in the market but the best is if you go for acupuncture or some herbal medicine. The result would be slow but it would be life long.

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